Tru Travels

Tru Travels are the company we wish we were. Pre-Covid, the team there spent most of their time bombing into blue lagoons and bazzing around on tuk tuks. Which is why when we got the chance to work with them, we had our bags packed before you can say ‘ping pong show.’

Our objective was simple. Get more people thinking about and booking packages for a post-corona world (the virus, not the beer). They had a focus on solo travellers. Whilst most people might refer to them as Billy No Mates, we had to try to transform the perception of what it means to travel on your Tod.

The result was a campaign led by this video. A typical switcheroo poem where the narrative starts off sad, has a massive drop with a sick track, and ends with some Tru Travels footage from the amazing locations they visit to get people appropriately excited.

Campaign Details:
  • Concept planning for paid creative
  • Storyboarding and copywriting
  • Video editing