Caroo are a weird bunch. Backed by Rupert Webb, these folks aren’t just trying to change the recruitment game. They’re full on volleying it out the window. With that said, we’re still surprised they agree to do half the stuff we tell them to.

When we started, Caroo was heavily developing their product and didn’t really have a brand to speak of. Their voice was pretty much the same as any other recruitment app. “Sign up and we’ll get you better results than other recruitment apps.” Yawn.

The market needed something different. Something with more personality. Which is why we decided to use their MD, Gareth Peterson, heavily in their marketing. A year or so later, and he’s pretty much the Barry Scott (Cillit Bang) of recruitment…annoying, but you can’t stop watching him.

Campaign Details:
  • Tone of voice development and website copy
  • Organic LinkedIn content via Gareth Peterson’s profile
  • PR stunts in and around the North West
  • OOH advertising
  • Paid creative campaigns for Facebook, Instagram and UAC
  • Sales and signup email copywriting