Personal Brand

Now this is where we really have some fun. Personal branding is basically the bit where we make you famous. Yeah, you can be whoever the fuck you want to be.

Sometimes, stepping out from behind your brand and revealing yourself as a cracking leader can be the right way to grow your following and ultimately win business. An audience always responds better to a human being over a product or service.

Whether it’s building your online presence (and network), getting out and chatting to the public or getting weird in front of the green screen, it all makes you more relatable to your target market. It’s not for everyone. And viewer discretion is usually advised.


Ian Murphy is an example of how an up-for-anything mentality gets you a big, fat payoff. No really, the man will do anything. By now he’ll have more belly button fluff than dignity. But Ian is a superstar. And even though he regularly flashes his crotch in an assortment of skimpy outfits all over the internet, he is known for being a comedy king and cyber connoisseur. His following continues to grow and his audience is massively engaged. Tada.


A one-woman band, Pangaea has been making it big in executive search. Not recruitment. Executive search. The brief was to create some decent content with pretty good engagement and lead generation. Instead, we made some epic personal branding stuff with cracking reach and a steady flow of leads.