Our Shit

As a marketing agency, you’d hope we’d be pretty decent at marketing our own marketing agency. Yep, we are. How could anyone ever be expected to hand over their mula otherwise, ey? When it comes to our own shit, we use our own offerings to attract our own clients and keep our own purses filled with lots and lots of money.

We want our employer brand to be the first thing that enters a room. Always. We want it known far and wide that we back the underdog, don’t give two screws about the status quo and will always go above and beyond to make sure our clients are happy.

Our personal branding ranges from our founding duo either terrorising the DVLA or prancing about in front of a green screen. These two are the right and left arm of the Offended brand. They keep our network expanding and attract our prospective clients hook, line n’ sinker.

As for guerilla marketing, keep your glazzies glued on what we’ve got coming up in 2022. If you’re an innocent, unsuspecting member of Manchester’s general public, we’re sorry. You’ll be seeing us very soon.