Guerilla Marketing

If you think that all the good bits of marketing only happen online then you’re wrong. Very wrong. Getting outside and pissing off the general public has a lot of value too.

If doing things differently is our area of expertise, then guerilla marketing is our crown jewel. This is where we like to really have a go at something left field. Guerilla marketing offers a multilayered approach to get people’s attention. We make sure the public stop, look and tell their mates. And then we slabber the filmed event all over the internet. Double whammy.


Ahh Caroo, they really are up for anything. Some might even say that the stuff we make them do is simply for our own entertainment. And to be fair, we did get the kick out of watching the MD shit his pants in a cherry picker. But Caroo is a perfect example of choosing to do something different and reaping the rewards for it.


Recruitment events are notoriously as dull as a two-week, all-inclusive caravan holiday with Lorraine Kelly. But that’s not the Offended way now, is it? So what did we do to spice up the OCTA stand? Scared the shit out of ‘em.


If a one-band asked us for a hand in marketing secure digital workplace solutions to SMEs, you might think one thing, right? Snooze. Nah, not us. From cloud outfits, to spandex, to boxes of cotton wool, there really wasn't much we didn't force the CEO into with this one. So if making noise was the brief, then yeah, nice one team.