Work at Offended

Listen, this page comes with a warning. You might be thinking “ahh ceeemon then. My nan always said I could sell ice to an eskimo and I once did that two-week internship thing writing greeting cards for Moonpig.’

Well for starters, we don’t give a Brad Pitt about your qualifications (if you’ve got any), and we definitely don’t care if you know anything about marketing.

We’re looking for anyone who wants to become a master of their own creative skills (whatever they might be), and isn’t afraid of a bit of hard graft.

Our culture has been created by a small team of weirdos and misfits who aren’t scared to get stuck in, share their ideas and walk down the street wearing socks and sandals.

If you have a fetish for Bargain Hunt or hang about on street corners trading Pokemon cards, we’re okay with that. And if we like your personality but it turns out you’re a little bit shit at the creative stuff, then we might still invite you for the odd pint.

Work at Offended ball and chain