All of our burgers are made from the very best creative livestock, bred on Cannes Lions Award-Winning farms, where they work on only the latest Apple and Adobe products, feed on only the most nutritious avocado lattes, and rest on only the softest beanbags, leaving your chin dripping with the finest creative juices after every bite.

Our Current Menu

The Fucking Bird

Unpopular and underrated, particularly by older men, this burger is made from only the finest, free range females. (Free range is rare given that most hens are caged on the lower rungs of marketing teams.) Perfectly undervalued at just £2.99.

The Fucking Gammon

A burger crafted from ground gammon cut from aged swine, this is an acquired taste due to its slight bitterness. A favourite of boardroom lunches, we’ve committed to never changing its recipe because “We’ve always done it that way.” Only £10.00.

The Fucking Gary

Made from money-fed, veiny-chuck steak, and packed with a confusingly large amount of expensive, unnecessary ingredients, this house favourite is the staple of the successful marketer. Only £30.00 £19.67 if bought this second.

The Fucking Green

A patty of only locally-sourced, organically-grown hedge-trimmi…sorry, ingredients, this is our meat free alternative to keep you sort-of-nourished through those long design sprints. Only £12.99 and comes with a free vape pen.

Bye bye, burger.

Due to low sales, we’ve stopped serving this burger.

Don’t worry, new additions coming soon.

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